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Ancenso y caida de Osho

De momento hay que saber Ingles pero ya se iran traduciendo datos para el próximo monográfico dedicado a este líder de la secta de los Rajneesh.
Osho had a penchant for courting controversy.[21]

His libertarian views on sex and emotional expression, and the resulting unrestrained behavior of sannyasins in his Pune Ashram[22], at times caused considerable consternation, dismay and panic among people holding different views on these matters, both in India and the U.S.[23] A number of Western daily papers routinely, and falsely[24], claimed that Bhagwan, a traditional title for spiritual teachers in India[18][19], meant "Master of the Vagina", and focused their reporting on sexual topics.

Osho claimed that he was "the rich man's guru"[25], and that material poverty was not a spiritual value[26]. He was photographed wearing sumptuous clothing and hand-made watches.[27] He drove a different Rolls Royce[20] each day – his followers wanted to buy him 365 of them, one for each day of the year[28]. Publicity shots of the Rolls-Royces (more than 90 in the end) appeared in the press[29]. Yet Osho himself said about the Rolls Royce collection:

And do you think a certain simple law of diminishing returns...? If you get one Rolls Royce, you are immensely happy. I have ninety. What difference does it make to me that in the garage there are ninety-one? The number of that one will come in three months' time only for one day for ninety minutes. What does it matter to me? For that I will commit suicide?

I have never gone to the garage. I have never looked into the garage, how many cars are there, what kind of cars are there. And that too belongs to a trust.

I had declared that all those cars should be given to the commune. They are basically commune property. I don't own anything. For thirty years I have not owned a single cent.[30]

In his discourses, Osho consistently attacked organizational principles embraced by societies around the world – the family, nationhood, religion[31]. He condemned priests and politicians with equal venom[32], and was in turn condemned by them.

In a 1998 preface to Osho's book Books I Have Loved, his personal dentist, Swami Devageet, stated that Osho dictated three books while undergoing dental treatment under the influence of nitrous oxide (laughing gas): Glimpses of a Golden Childhood, Notes of a Madman, and Books I Have Loved. This led to widespread allegations that Osho was addicted to nitrous oxide gas. In addition, on the American CBS television show 60 Minutes, his former secretary, Ma Anand Sheela, claimed that Osho took sixty milligrams of Valium every day.

When questioned by journalists about the allegations of daily Valium and nitrous oxide use, Osho categorically denied both, describing the allegations as "absolute lies"[33].

Ademas un "divertido" vídeo de Osho en su rolls roice metralletas cantos y música de Frank Sinatra

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Estuve un mes con Bagwan Sree Rajneesh, Osho, en 1976, en su Ashram de Poona. Su entorno, su organización, no eran para mí, pero nadie nos presionó y allí aprendimos buenas técnicas, recibimos buen trato, fuimos ainvitados a una actitud interesante y fructífera y nos divertimos ademáas ce sudar, bailar, reir y escuchar muy buena música.

Anónimo dijo...

Por cierto, ¿habeis visto "Holy Smoke"? Una película extraña y furiosa, de la directora de "El Piano", relacionada con una chica que se fué a recibir enseñanzas de cierto guru Hindú (se nota que es Osho, aunque no se le ve tal cual). La familia pugna para que vuelva al redil. Y contrata a un Desprogramador deVíctimas de Sectas. Hasta aquí puedo contar... Fonografus
Gracias, Ru, por todo